Radha Krishna Beautiful Acrylic Wall Art-Bhaktiras


Radha Krishna Beautiful Acrylic Wall Art

Super HD print output at 1200*2400 DPI for stunning clarity
Acrylic undergoes chemical treatment before printing for optimal results
Unidirectional pixel-perfect printing directly onto acrylic
Crafted from high-quality 3/5/8 mm acrylic sheets
Scratch-resistant and unbreakable for long-lasting durability
Resistant to peeling, ideal for moist and humid environments
Unidirectional mode ensures precise printing



Welcome to Bhaktiras Acrylic Wall Art collection, where luxury meets exuberance. Our meticulously detailed pieces boast extravagant designs and bold colors, making them a striking addition to any wall.


Radha Krishna Beautiful Acrylic Wall Art Available in various sizes, our collection offers options to suit every space. Explore our complete range online to discover pricing, discounts, and more, and transform your plain walls into magazine-worthy displays.


Discover a wide array of acrylic wall art perfect for any space – from living areas to offices. Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the ideal gift, our collection has something for everyone.


Quality is paramount at Bhaktiras. Every product is meticulously designed and undergoes thorough quality checks to ensure vibrant colors, precise bending, and a perfect fit. We offer three thickness options to cater to your preferences.


For custom sizes, simply reach out to us at bhaktirasin@gmail.com, and our team will be delighted to assist you.


To maintain the beauty of your wall art, gently brush away dust particles with a soft brush and wipe with a soft cloth.


Enjoy fast delivery within 10-15 days of placing your order. Elevate your space with Bhaktiras’s Acrylic Wall Art collection today.


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